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photographer proposal in paris

Proposal in Paris 


photographer proposal in paris



150 EURO

30 high-resolution images
30 min of coverage
1 location
up to 2 people

Lifestyle Photographer in Paris



200 EURO

45 high-resolution images
1 hour of coverage
2 location
up to 5 people

Wedding photographer in Paris



400 EURO

60 high-resolution images
2 hours of coverage
3 nearby locations
no more than 15 people



My name is Alexander, and I am glad to welcome you to the world of photography, where every moment becomes eternal and every frame holds frozen emotions. I am proud and happy to be a professional wedding and family photographer for over 15 years.


My journey into the world of photography began with a passion for capturing unique moments of life and deep feelings. Over time, my skills and experience have turned my hobby into an exciting and truly fulfilling profession. Through my relentless pursuit of excellence and creativity in every shoot, I was able to create a unique style that captures the essence and emotion of the moment.


My wedding and family photo sessions are stories of love, joy and meaning, which I am happy to help create and capture. I believe that photography can take us back to the world of the past, recreating important events and allowing us to relive them again and again. My works are designed not only to preserve important moments, but also to convey the whole atmosphere and mood of those precious moments that remain in the hearts of my clients forever.


With my experience of more than 15 years, I have learned to find and emphasize the individuality of each client, making each photo session unique and memorable. My goal is to create unique works of art that will delight you and your loved ones throughout your life.


I am grateful to each of my clients for the trust they place in me and for the opportunity to witness their special moments. If you are looking for a photographer who can capture your wedding or family events with love and professionalism, then I would love to take part in this exciting journey with you.


With love for art and a sincere desire to capture your story, Alexander. Your photographer in Paris!

lifestyle photographer in paris



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